Ongoing cadre review in the income-tax Department


The 3rd Cadre review exercise in which the ITEF and ITGOA are formally associated has presently gathered momentum after its initial sluggishness. The National secretariat of ITEF, which is scheduled to meet at Bhopal on 6th July 2019 will have the opportunity to look into the contours of the proposal. While the first-timeexercise was almost a restructuring one, given the very many changes effected over the years to the statute, procedures, rules, regulatory mechanism etc, the second one addressed the depletion of manpower in the background of the functional requirements. Over the years, the advent of technology has significantly reduced the inter-action between the personnel of the department and the tax payers. Once upon a time the delayed and denied refunds of the excess tax collected had been of great concern, for that had been the chunk of grievances, affecting adversely the image  of the department. . Presently this has almost disappeared. It is an un-denying fact that the discontentof the personnel, may be perception or real, will make a dent on the fair image of the organization. To address their concern is an integral part of the quality management and the very exercise of periodical cadre review is conceived to, inter alia, address that objective.

After the second cadre review proposals were given effect to, despite the large number of posts created at all levels, unfortunately, the stagnation in different cadres did not go away and vast differences in in waiting periodfrom one charge to another emerged. The statistics collected by the ITEF CHQ in the case of promotion to the cadre of Inspectors draw this picture distinctly. In the case of ITOs who seek promotion to the cadre of Assistant Commissioners rose from 9 years in 2009-10 to 13 years in 2018-19. Though this may not be a universal phenomenon encompassing all cadres., it is indeed disturbing and requires redressal. One of the insurmountable impediments, the ITEF faced during this period is the obstinacy on the part of the DoPT in treating the guidelines on framing recruitment rules as sacrosanct and providing it the character of an almost non-relaxable rules. Neither there had been any consultation with the stake holders by the DOPT while framing those guidelines or categorisation of cadres and grades in various groups nor have they been subjected to any discussion even after it was raised by many both bilaterally and through the negotiating forum. Because of this sheer daunting experience, the committee will have to think in terms of maintainingthe stipulated ratio between the feeder and promotion cadres to obviate the difficulties that might emerge while attempting to revise the Recruitment Rules on implementation of the 3rd Cadre Review proposals.

The 3rd cadre review proposal in whatever form itmight finally emerge must be capable of:

  1. Eliminating the multi- feeder cadre system in effecting promotions to combat the inflexible guidelines of DOPT;
  2. maintaining the pre-determined ratio between the feeder and promotion cadre to be in consonance   with the DOPT guidelines;
  3. addressing the stagnationby reducing the waiting period and to bring about a near uniformity across the charges;
  4. taking care of the functional needs of the department so as the ensure that the tax payer services do not suffer for want of manpower;
  5. the forest of data collected and compiled by the department from various agencies is put to productive purpose whereby the tax base could be substantially widened;
  6. ensuring that the ideals howsoever high and laudable, is tempered with the practicability in the given socio -economic situation of the country.

The Secretariat through its collective and concerted deliberations must guide the committee to evolve a proposal, which will be able to meet the pre-requisites enunciated in the preceding paragraph.

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